Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Soap 100gm
The Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Fresh & Fragrant Soap is a unique New Zealand soap, with the delicate fragrance of Kiwifruit. It contains the tiny seeds of the kiwifruit that gives a gentle exfoliating action, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.  ...
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Kiwifruit Healing Lip Balm 10g
These lip balms are hand made from only six ingredients, all of which are not only edible but beneficial to the skin.  The main ingredient is coconut oil which has recently become one of the most popular of all the healthy oils because...
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Kiwifruit with Manuka Honey Lip Balm Pot 8gm
Treat your lips to this soothing and conditioning lip balm infused with a potent blend of Kiwifruit and 90+% pure Manuka Pollen Honey. This lip balm is designed to seal in moisture, condition and nourish even the driest lips. Helps...
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