Wild Ferns Manuka Honey - Nourishing Body Lotion Large 230ml
A light delicately fragranced body lotion formulated with premium certified Manuka Honey 80+ - scientifically proven to deliver antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals that protect nourish and heal the skin. This lotion will blend effortlessly into the skin bringing with...
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Lanolin Day Crème with Collagen and Placenta Pot 100g
Intensive moisturising Lanolin provides instant hydration and softness for you skin. Super charged with Collagen and Placenta ensures your skin maintains its elasticity and suppleness. Oils of Avocado, Soybean plus Royal Jelly give replenishing nourishment and protection for a more...
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Pure and Gentle Soap 135g
Pure and Gentle Soap 135g A luxurious triple milled soap to ensure a long-lasting lather blended with antibacterial premium certified Manuka Honey 80+. Soothes, moisturises and heals, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. The beautiful fragrance will leave you wanting...
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