Pikorua/ Infinity Twist: Strength, love, loyalty & friendship
Koru/ Spiral: Personal growth, harmony, positive change, new beginnings.
Hei Matau/ Hook: Represents strength, focus & determination. Brings peace, prosperity & good luck. Safe travels over water.
Manaia: A spiritual guardian. Protects from evil.
Hei Tiki: A link with ancestors. Good luck & wisdom.
Toki/ Adze: Signifies strength, control, personal growth.
RoimataTeardrop: Signifies reassurance, positive energy, healing & comfort.
Roimata Drop: Indicates strength, independence, unity and pride.
Heart: Indicates love, emotional balance, compassion & generosity
Disc: Represents wholeness, inner harmony & balance.
Crescent: For gathering comfort, security & abundance.
Koropepe: New beginnings and youth, prosperity and abundance.
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